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Mildred Russell for Alachua County School Board, District 2

Mildred Russell Student Focused Leadership

  • Alachua County Resident For Nearly 4 Decades
  • Mother and Grandmother
  • Mentor & Minister Since 1974
  • Active Community Leader

Mildred is a mother, grandmother, minister, tutor, community leader, school board member, and 40 year resident of Alachua County. As a mother with experience in both homeschooling and our local public schools, having the choice regarding which type of schooling was best for her family, was invaluable.

She believes that a parent should have the right to choose what is best in their children’s education because it’s about their future. She is also working toward a more transparent public school system, which is more accessible and answerable to parents. Mildred is committed to be a fierce advocate for students, parents, and teachers, and she is ready to fight for a safe, equitable space in Alachua County Public Schools where students can obtain a world class education.

“I want to create a more accessible, safe, and equitable public school system for the students, parents, and teachers of Alachua County. For me, it’s not about the politics, it’s about the kids.”

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